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England’s Marlie Packer: ‘As soon as I cross that line a switch goes in me’

Even the most spectacular of Rugby World Cup finals will struggle to match the lofty heights scaled by Marlie Packer’s intrepid grandfather this week. Ken Packer is 85 years old

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Novel genetic factors contribute to Parkinson’s risk

Investigators have discovered novel genetic factors that contribute to the risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to a Northwestern Medicine study published in the journal Brain. The findings reveal novel short

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Gold Fields ends its pursuit of Yamana after rival Canadian bid

South Africa’s Gold Fields (GFIJ.J) on Tuesday said it has ended its bid to acquire Yamana Gold Inc (YRI.TO) after the Canadian miner backed a $4.8 billion takeover bid from

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Ubisoft may be bringing its games back to Steam

Ubisoft has been one of the biggest PC game companies to withhold titles from Steam over the last few years. If the studio reverses the policy, it would continue an

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Record numbers of eastern quoll joeys born at Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary

There’s been a baby boom of eastern quolls at a New South Wales wildlife sanctuary, with a record number of joeys born this season. The breeding program is run by

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